Objects from the Red Road Flats have been added to the collections looked after by Glasgow Museums. These objects include a front door, entry intercom systems and items such as keys and ornaments left by former residents.

Perhaps some of the most intriguing objects are a series of concierge ‘Incident Books’ from 20 Petershill Court. These books offer an insight into daily life at Red Road. Updated by concierge staff on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis they included details about building maintenance, resident’s lost keys and a host of other incidents ‘large or small’.

Artworks created as part of the Red Road Cultural Project have also been collected and represent some of the varied nationalities that laterally called Red Road home – Pakistanis, Zambians, Sri Lankans and Palestinians.

A series of ‘Dialectograms’ by illustrator Mitch Miller are also available to read, ponder and laugh along with.

All photographs copyright CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection