Red Road in a Box

As part of the Red Road Cultural Project, Glasgow Museums partnered with Edinburgh University to create a unique insight into the flats using comments and images gathered from residents – Red Road in a Box.

Edinburgh University, led by Professor Jane Jacobs, had published an academic paper that explored the concept of a ‘view’ from Red Road windows* in 2008. As part of Jane’s research, her team spent time with residents discussing the windows and views and with concierge staff following their routines when managing the flats.

Our partnership offered the chance to use the information gathered for the article in a new way – creating an artwork/resource that helps prompt discussions around high-rise living, home and of course views!

Some of the research information gathered for the article has been used to create Red Road in a Box. Designed and made Wei Lee, a postgraduate student in 2011, the box includes discussions and comments about the views, snapshots of resident’s ‘keepsakes’ and ornaments and the first 3-D printed model to be added to Glasgow Museum’s collections – a section of the staircase in the flats.

Red Road in a Box is stored at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre as part of Glasgow Museum’s collections.

*‘Windows: Re-viewing Red Road’ Scottish Geographical Journal, Vol. 124, Nos. 2–3, 165–184, June–September 2008

All photographs copyright CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection