Red Road Flats Handling Kit

The Red Road Flats handling kit was created by the Open Museum as a way of taking the story and part of the Red Road experience too new audiences. The kit can be borrowed by community groups in the city free of charge from the Open Museum – 0141 276 9300. It is one of nearly 90 kits available covering themes such as the decades – 60s, 70s and 80s, café culture, a taste of Asia and tenement life.

This kit was launched in 2011 at the same time as Alison Irvine’s novel ‘This Road is Red’ was published as part of the Red Road Cultural project. It contains a range of objects that help generate discussion about the flats, the concept of home and of course the amazing views. There are two short films in the kit which tell the personal stories of two former residents and a young boy growing up in the ‘…shadow of the beast’.

PHOTO GALLERY – All photographs copyright CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection