North Glasgow Integration Network

North Glasgow Integration Network (NGIN) is a group of people, projects and organisations that aim to help people living in North Glasgow to work, socialise, learn and live together in harmony and with respect for each other. North Glasgow has a very mixed population that includes people from many other parts of the world who have come to the area seeking asylum or refuge from violence and whose lives and well-being are threatened. NGIN recognises that diversity in the community is a strength and that integration of people is actively supported and promoted regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.

Red Road has a significant population of people from a range of countries around the world many of whom have stayed in the area for some years. NGIN supports and is involved with a range of organisations in the area including a tower block managed by YMCA Glasgow which provides accommodation for people who have come to Glasgow seeking safety and asylum.

The contribution that the Network can give to the Red Road Project is unique as it brings a wealth of experience of people that have come from a broad spectrum of cultures who live in the area and have a very distinct perspective of life in the Red Road flats.  To find out more about North Glasgow Integration Network please email [email protected]

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