360 degree Panoramas

View Red Road Flats and the surrounding areas with in totally different and unique way in these 360 degree panoramic photographs taken by local Glasgow photographers Bill Ward and Peter Stark. Below are three views and events recorded at Red Road Flats using the specialist cameras and software giving you the opportunity to zoom and pan across the photographs. (QuickTime or the Java Runtime are required to view the panoramas on this page.)

1. 360 degree panorama of High Wire by Bill Ward

On Sunday 22nd of July 2007, French high wire artist Didier Pasquette attempted to cross the 150 foot gap between two tower blocks of the Red Road Flats. This was intended to be the first of two sections in a dramatic spectacle performed to about 2,000 onlookers who turned up for the event – an event which had been postponed from the previous day due to bad weather. Unfortunately this attempt was also cancelled because of high winds which whipped round the assembled crowd and which must have affected Didier that bit more in his exposed position about 300 feet above the ground – no safety net, no safety lines.  He did walk out to around 30 plus feet, then returned, walking backwards, viewed by a silent, anticipatory audience. But he didn’t fall off.

2. 360 degree panorama of Red Road Flats by Bill Ward

3. 360 degree panorama of Red Road Flats at night by Peter Stark