Community Based Films

This is the result of a 10 week animation workshop, a collaboration between Muvizu, Red Road Community studio and Streetlevel Photoworks.

The stories were written voiced and animated by 8-12 year old residents of the Red Road Flats. Produced and edited by Rob and Emily who ran the workshop. For info on Muvizu animation software click here. For info on the Streetlevel Photography gallery, click here:

Music by The DT6 and Allan McKeown,Gaita Vadia, Kenny & Rob Welsh, and Tarik Cherkaoui. With kind permission. A huge thank you to everyone involved and to everyone who made this possible.


Fusion Youth Group:
North Glasgow Project

A film about young people learning media skills and older people showing how to live it up and look out for each other.

Question: What are old people like?
Answer: Like us but older.

Filming, interviews, dancing, wise words from Queen Mary and young Kieran. The experience of making this short film was special. Red Roads Alive and Kicking Club meets Fusion Youth Group. Whether you were born in 1917 or 1997 you can still have a chinwag and a dance and learn a thing or two about yourself.


A short film about the Camera Obscura at Red Road set up by StreetLevel Photoworks and Multi Story.

This cultural project delivered a range of historical and arts based programmes for the residents of Red Road Flats and the surrounding neighbourhoods to commemorate, educate, celebrate and mark the end of an era of the Red Road Flats. The project integrated continuous community engagement throughout the 7 to 8 year life cycle of the project as it will run alongside the demolition plan for the whole site.


Tall Storeys was Multi-story’s summer video project from resident artist, Lindsay Perth. Multistory, part of Street Level Photoworks collaborative arts programme is based in the Red Road housing estate, North Glasgow. Tall Storeys collaborates with young people under 25 who live in or around the high-rise buildings of Red Road. Over Summer 2009, Tall Storeys has produced 6 video works in varying styles of documentary, narrative, animation by young people age 8 – 16 years old.

1. Olio (Animation 2min 19 sec)

A collection of stop-frame animation sequences created in workshops with young people, Olio is an energetic and vibrant collection of visual loops. Olio is synchronized with a soundtrack by Mike and Solvieg, titled ‘Ingelrii’. Olio is a collaborative project between young people and artist Lindsay Perth for Tall Storeys.
YouTube Preview Image

2. Double Trouble / by Mehran and Billy McCall

The boy wizard, Ronaldo, has his magic book stolen by his alter ego/foe Kaka. Can Ronaldo get back what is rightfully his before Kaka uses it for no good? Mehran stars in this stop frame animation that jauntily reworks the classic theme of good v evil. A collaborative project between Mehran and artist Bill McCall for Tall StoreysYouTube Preview Image

3. When I Close My Eyes (Animation 3 min 17 sec)

When young sisters Mary and Mimi close their eyes and fall deeply into a dream a fantastic journey of flying over trees and cities, riding sharks and cloud sitting takes place .. but is it just a dream? Soundtrack by Mike and Solvieg. A collaborative project between sisters Mary, Mimi and artist Lindsay Perth for Tall Storeys.
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4. My Lessons from Super Zero (Animation, 5 min)

When Emmanuel wishes for the same powers as his hero, Super Zero he can’t believe it when his wish comes true! But will Emmanuel be able to handle such awesome powers and at what cost?
A collaborative project between Emmanuel and artist Lindsay Perth for Tall Storeys. YouTube Preview Image