The Red Road Project will be delivered in partnership by Glasgow Life and the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA)

This cultural project will aim to deliver a range of historical and arts based programmes for the residents of Red Road Flats and the surrounding neighbourhoods to commemorate, educate, celebrate and mark the end of an era of the Red Road Flats.  CSG will lead on this project and aim to create further partnership work with local arts organisations to deliver new or extend current provision in the area.

Glasgow Museums Services will also be a key player in the development of the programme. The project will integrate continuous community engagement throughout the 7 to 8 year life cycle of the project as it will run alongside the demolition plan for the whole site.  A number of community arts organisations will run a series of projects to engage the community to get involved in the documentation of Red Road.

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Help us build the Red Road Flats story - This project and website needs your input!

If you have or know someone who has a story to tell about life in Red Road, especially in its early years, we would love to hear from you.  Your memories, stories or photographs may help future generations understand what it was really like to live, work or grow up in Red Road from the 1960s to the present day.

You can submit your stories online here.