Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller is an illustrator, writer and editor. He will be putting drawings together in collaboration with the residents, tenants and frequenters of Red Road, through a painstaking process of creating objects, symbols and signs for each dialectogram, redoing the image until it begins to resemble something the person who lives there, or uses the space, will recognise. Each dialectogram will be drawn directly onto an A1 board which, after being scanned and produced as a high quality digital print, will be given as an original to participants in the process.

Glasgow Dialectograms explore the use of illustration as record, information as art.  Superficially a pastiche of scientific, anthropological and architectural illustrations, dialectograms comment upon contemporary city spaces, public, private and personal, through creating an extremely detailed schematic of a place that condenses and includes both subjective and objective information into a single piece. They show facts, thoughts and feelings. They use a deliberately loose and organic ‘anti-architectural’ drawing style to describe not just what it is there, but who uses it, what a particular space means to someone, and how relationships between people shape their environment. The term ‘Psycho-Geography’ applies, but put simply, they are made by talking to people, sharing ideas and processing them into visual forms – a diagram, a dialogue, a dialectic, but also a dialect of technical drawing – hence, Dialectogram.

Over the next few weeks and months he will be documenting the progress of the project as he attempts to draw areas of Red Road. You can follow his blog here:

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