New Arts facilities for local and past residents

The Community Studio closed on January 31st, as 10 Red Road Court is now empty and being prepared for the demolition contractors.  Thanks to everyone who took part in activities, on-going opportunities to be involved in legacy projects will be advertised through this website. You can view  a few highlights from the project below.



Community Studio : Programme updates

Camera Obscura.

The Camera Obscura (in Latin – veiled chamber) is an optical devise, which was one of the inventions leading to photography.  The Camera Obscura has been used for over a thousand years.  The first Camera Obscura was simply a small hole in one wall of a darkened room or tent.  Light passing through the hole formed an upside down image of the outside view into the room.  This was developed for modern Obscuras with the use of mirrors and lens, to flip the image and focus the view on a viewing dish. The Community Studio Obscura is based on the simplest model – a small hole in a blackout blind in one of the rooms projects an upside down view of the Campsie hills across the walls, while buses and cars can be seen driving up and down the Red Road – across the ceiling. If you would like to experience the simple magic of this phenomena please get in touch, visits for community and school groups can be booked to include a pinhole photography workshop.  Please note: the Obscura is dependent on good light to work, so visits must be between 12 – 3 in winter months and 12 – 6 during summer months.


Portrait Archive - Have you lived in the Red Road Flats?

We invite residents past and present to take their  place in this visual history project. The idea is to create a collection of photographic portraits of people that have lived in the Red Road flats. More information here >


Precious Metal

Over 4 creative sessions in November women from North Glasgow explored jewellery making in the creation of unique ‘personal narrative’ jewellery that reflected their responses to this year’s 16 Days of Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women, .   Photographs were then made with the group modelling some of their hand made jewellery. A showcase event on 02 December was hosted at the Community Studio and presented the Precious Metal workshop results alongside photographic posters made by The Red Road Family Centre Photography Group, new creative writing by Springburn Writers group and poetry readings by Scottish Pen of Shi Tao’s poem ‘June’ in 6 different languages.  Shi Tao is a Chinese journalist, poet and PEN member serving 10 years in prison in China,
The workshops were delivered in partnership with North Glasgow Integration Network and Community Studio artists, Iseult Timmermans and Ruth Hollywood.



Over a series of 10 weekly workshops young people at the Community Studio have been making short animations using the free software Muvizu.  The young people wrote short stories and developed a series of short animated cartoons using this accessible animation software.  Muvizu animations screening:  the group had a trip to the Muvizu cinema, based within the Lighthouse complex in the city centre, to Premiere the finished animations made earlier in the year.  The animations can be viewed below. If you are aged 12 – 18 living in the Red Road flats and would like to get involved - get in touch! New workshops for young people in photography and Muvizu animation start again in late January at the community studio.  For more details of times and dates, contact [email protected] or T: 0141 558 3576

This project has been delivered in partnership with Muvizu.

Young Snappers : girls photography group.

This group meets on a weekly basis at the Community Studio and have been involved in viewing the Camera Obscura, making their on pinhole cameras and photographs; learning about portraiture and a visit to Trongate 103.  The group will continue to learn creative photography techniques alongside documenting  the changes in the local area.  If you are a girl aged 10 – 16, live in the area and would like to get involved, get in touch!

In a new partnership with North Glasgow College (NGC) , two young design students, Claire Duplouy and Lucile Severac from Aurillac in France worked with the young snappers group over 3 weeks, exploring photo collage and light grafetti in the creation of 2 poster works.  These will be displayed at NGC in early 2011. You can view a gallery of the work below


For information on how to get involved in any of the workshops or events, contact : [email protected] or T: 0141 558 3576