Red Road Novel

iStock_000007110604MediumThe Red Road Flats Project has teamed up with author Alison Irvine to create a piece of fiction which recounts the history of the the Red Road Flats and tells the stories of the lives of residents, past and present.

Incorporated within the piece will be detail on how the flats came about, how they were perceived, what happened in the ensuing years and how the flats are now. The piece of fiction will be based on real-life stories of residents. The stories will be separate yet interconnected, with linking themes, metaphors and characters.


Have you ever lived in the Red Road Flats?
Have you ever worked in the Red Road Flats?
Do you have any stories – big or small – about your experiences?


If so, would you like to share your stories with a writer and contribute to a book about the flats? Alison Irvine is very keen to hear from you.  She is a writer based in Glasgow and is looking to talk to anyone with a story to tell – be it a memory, a description, a character, or a long and complex saga!  Please contact Alison via email at [email protected] and she will arrange a time to meet at your convenience.

If you have five minutes and would like to share your own story, by answering a few questions, please visit our Your Stories page.

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